Laurence Mesropians Freelance | Housel Bay Hotel & Restaurant
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Housel Bay Hotel & Restaurant

I was asked to come up with a new identity for the 124 year-old Housel Bay Hotel & Restaurant based in The Lizard, Cornwall. I was told there had never really been any¬†continuity between the website, stationary, brochures etc. due to different people producing¬†each of these elements, so I spent some time at the Hotel to try and better understand the product and the audience that the Hotel caters for and to come up with a single overall message to be communicated throughout all online and offline materials. This project included a complete re-brand including a new logo, all stationary and marketing materials, brochures, bedroom pads, pens, menu’s, bar materials, outside signage and even a collaboration on a fresh new website to follow the new brand identity. I continue to work with the Housel Bay and have been for over 3 years now.


Housel Bay Hotel & Restaurant


8th March 2016


Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design